Paul Gilbert's Masterclass @ Moonlight Music Hall

Moonlight Music Hall; Nijverheidslaan 7 - 3290 Diest
presale : 25€
doors : 30€

 date 07/04/2019 PAUL Gilbert's MASTERCLASS @ Moonlight Music Hall-Diest Belgium Paul Gilbert is synonymous with guitar heroes such as Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa and Tony MacAlpine. He knows many guitarist to amaze with his light-fingered techniques and impressive solos. During this master class will he tell everything about his playing  and compositions. In addition to the instructional portion will Gilbert play 10 songs live, accompanied by drummer RAMY ALI (Iron Mask) and bassist BAREND COURBOIS (Blind Guardian ). Paul Gilbert gained fame with bands such as Racer X and Mr. Big. In addition, he toured with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci's G3. His incredible guitar technique was praised by the GuitarOne magazine with a fourth place in the "Top Shredders of All Time". Meanwhile, Paul Gilbert built a successful solo career. He has no less than 17 albums to his credit.